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Aware Core Ideology for Human Enablement

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Powered By Deep Self Realisation!

We at Aware realised that only knowledge is not enough to bring about positive transformations for most of us Humans. What then elicits action from each of us? The search for this answer led us to understand and use the "Power of Realisation"! Think about this even though many of us do know the importance of Excerise to stay Healthy... yet we so happily ignore what we already Know. Isn't it? Imagine now the same individual 'realises' the importance of taking charge of their health.. then he/she would more often than not - take charge of their health.  Experience the power of realisation and the secret to early transformation with every intervention by Aware Living & Learning.

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Enhancing Happiness for Higher Team Productivity

The open secret to higher productivity is, was and will always be - 'Greater Involvement'. There have been hundreds of surveys globally, claiming that out of 8 to 9 hours of daily work shift, an average working professional is 'mentally' present at work for not more than 4 to 5 hours. Even though they may seem physically very much "present" there, the absence of mind for almost more than half the time, is understood as one of the major contributors for lower productivity. On the other hand, the existing Employee 'Engagement' initiatives though engage well, but are grossly falling short at bringing 'Involvement'. Mental and Emotional Involvement is an effortless product of a happy mind. Happy people are less lost and more present, and thus much much more potent in whatever they do. One of the desired side effects of happy people at workplace is 'Compassion', and thus a higher sense of belonging towards each other, which directly translates into greater commitment to collective goals, spiraling the team's productivity upwards perpetually

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Not just Empowerment but Enablement Focused

Since the focus has always been on the maximum benefit of the learner, our learning ideology is such, that it not just empowers one with the required situational knowledge, but in the process also enables the learner to take complete charge of his or her self-up-gradation. Meaning, instead of just catching a fish for you, we would rather like to enable you to catch the fish on your own, so as to ensure that going forward you don't need us or anybody else in the same domain. For anything else, we are always there. Our Enablement approach has earned accolades from the industry, as it's not just benefiting the individual, but in the process the entire society, by gradually eradicating the otherwise prevalent "follower-ship mentality" and uprooting any sort of weakening "dependencies", laying a strong foundation for a new generation of leaders who don't just lead, but can also enable others to evolve as future leaders. More power to the learner!

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Integrating our In-depth Understanding & Core Clarity of Human Mind

Since our existence, the learning culture at Aware Learning Solutions has always been about our deep passion for exploring the infinite human mind inside out, and has naturally led to intensive research and extensive development in the field of human emotions, intelligence and behavioural science. The path breaking findings on the Core of Human Emotions made the learning more profound and penetrate deeper beyond cosmetic temporary changes to irreversible powerful transformations, right from individual's character to organization's work culture.


Meaningfulness at the Core of Transformation

Either we know it or not, it's actually the 'meaning' that we all seek in all that we do. So is true for Aware Learning Solutions, where Meaningfulness is at Core of everything that we do. May it be growing as an organization or creating the learning content or reaching out to those who we can benefit, for us Meaningfulness is essential at all levels. By enabling people to find meaningfulness in what they do, the long drawn, blurry, old and outdated line between 'Work' & 'Life' starts to diminish and it all beautifully merges to become one whole inclusive life for an individual, where the need of "Balancing the Two" is replaced with "Harmonising the One", ensuring individual well-being naturally leads to collective compassion and oneness
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Enhanced with V-Power | Visionary & Futuristic Outlook

In today's rapidly changing world, one needs to be on toes and updated about every critical happening related to one's vocation. However, in the era of flooding information from all sides, it isn't easy for an individual and organizations to precisely demarcate what's really useful and what's not. At Aware Learning, our futuristic outlook towards Human Enablement enables the individual and the organizations to think beyond times and rule out all that's not needed and thus focus entire energies into capitalising what truly matters. Our razor sharp focus on learning objectives, enables the learners to make a powerful shift from diverting Curiosity to realigning Inquisitiveness, while being guided by a profound and inclusive vision of the future for one and all. 
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Embedding the expansion of Self Awareness

Being Self Aware, has been the foundation to experiencing the Infinite Nature and Supreme Intelligence for all Human Beings. At Aware we gently push you to go deeper inwards to enhance your experiences Outside of You. This embedded approach facilitates and supports you to live a life of meaning and well being. 

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Teaching with Love, Passion & Purpose

At Aware Living & Learning we 'teach for' and 'support' - your life Growth & Evolution - not because it is our Job Role, but because we Love to do that and in fact we, as a team exist ONLY for this singular Purpose that each of us at Aware are passionate about! We welcome you with all our heart to experience true loving support and infinite Growth! 

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