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Aware Learning Understands how Critical it is for an organisations substantial growth to Develop their Resources. We believe that Training your resources will create expertise only as while training one can practice doing the same/similar things over and again to Excel in it, while mostly getting there without creating an effective UNDERSTANDING hence resulting in cultivating “Followership” as an personality trait.  

How Would You Benefit by Choosing Aware Learning?

We Increase the HAPPINESS QUOTIENT of your HUMAN RESOURCES – The Key EMOTION Responsible for an individuals EFFECTIVENESS & PRODUCTIVITY.
We Enable your RESOURCES to fall in LOVE with their work- By Creating a Sense of OWNERSHIP.

"As individuals the critical and constant NEED is to LEARN in order to EVOLVE". In reality Learning is the only process which has helped us evolve as the current version of our HUMAN MINDS. At Aware it is our purpose and passion to make this LEARN-ABILTY perpetually Expansive.

When it comes to growing organisations, what most of us agree with “is to DEVELOP our HUMAN RESOURCES as the most potent way to achieve superior Organisational Growth. We at Aware Learning exist for this very purpose... to bring that development through our various learning interventions that are Simple to UNDERSTAND  & easy to IMPLEMENT and Catallyse the sense of SELF AWARENESS.

We exist to ENABLE your Human resources to LEAD their SELF, instead of being FOLLOWERS and making them the sole owners of their GROWTH and giving them the tools that make them SELF AWARE 

Aware Learning is your partner in achieving your L&D goals of yourself and your organisation, happily being co-owners of this responsibilities of upgrading your Human Resources to achieve Peak Sustainable Productivity and an enhanced quality of Life!    

At Aware we are both eager and excited to partner with you and your organisation and are grateful for every opportunity that allows us to live our Purpose through full-filling your organisation's needs and aspirations of Peak ROI on their HUMAN CAPITAL!

Do connect with us or drop us a message or email and we will reach out to you on PRIORITY!

Some of the critical challenges that we have addressed  

  • Any challenges related to individuals performance
  • Lack of Prioritising
  • Poor Work-life Balance.
  • Unwillingness to learn & accept change.
  • Lack of sense of ownership and working just for money.
  • Decreased ability to think
  • Poor Team spirit
  • Shunning responsibilities
  • Poor Relationship Management
  • Manipulative and judgemental behaviour
  • Poor or biased decision making
  • Conflicts between the teams, cross function teams
  • Weak Leadership Skills
  • Lack of VISION
  • Lower Job satisfaction.
  • Non-performance or low performing sales team
  • Vicious circles of Delay
  • Feeling disconnected from the team and orgaisations vision
  • Inability to neither Lead or follow
  • Inability to give and take feedbacks.
  • Focusing only on the given tasks for the self and not being a team player
  • Lack of Emotional maturity at work
  • Underutilisation of self potential
  • Contagious Unhappiness
  • Low confidence and Doubting self

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